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Summary guide to virtual private networks VPNs

So, you have not heard about virtual private networks VPNs  before? Well, you should read this article! You can find articles on Wikipedia which are a good source of information, but they’re a bit long. For this reason, we believe that we should introduce a bit of assistance in this matter.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a server through which you can connect to the Internet, so that you can convert the track online activities carried out by own server either hide your identity online IP or makes it appear as if you are visiting sites from a different place.

The concept of virtual private networks radically changed since the first appearance of the first. Ten years ago, accents VPN reside in institutions and corporate servers. So that it allows employees and any workforce performance business from home, and access server company. Later, it was used mainly to hide the true identity of the user to the Internet. In the past few months, it has gained more importance VPN services because of espionage and disclosure of the National Security Agency. Prior to that, he was noting that Chinese users are most interested in using such services, so that they can pass the “Great Firewall.” And now more and more Americans customers use these services as well.

VPNs services are not free and you buy a subscription, pay about $10-15 US dollars each month. But there are many users also have access to the service in exchange for $5 each month, which is a pittance given the price of what they get in return. It is extremely important for any user to be doing a proper analysis of what you offer all of the VPN services, as well as policies relating to privacy. This is because after the service to keep a record of your activities, such as; time and place of your connection. The aim of Best VPN services to provide you with the knowledge required for virtual private networks, which will provide you with efficiency and privacy.

We have a detailed analysis of more than 50 VPN service providers. This is why we claim we Ntmlk an accurate idea of ​​what you offer those companies. Take a look at this guide to get the articles that shed light on each customized for a given VPN service. This – certainly – will make you make the correct decision process easier.

We wish you luck in finding the right VPN service, and we hope you share this site with your friends.

Top 5 Services - detailed comparison

cost per month$7.5$7.49$7.5$4.99
Money back guarantee77730
Phone application
The number of servers sites25+25+25+20
IP addresses100+100+100+100+
Site server by the user
Access to google
Login to facebook
Access to youTube
Access to twitter
PPTP(Protocol Tunneling from point to point)- --
L2TP(Layer Tunneling Protocol 2) -
Devices for each license6662
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