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Welcome to VPN WASEL site is an online tech site, dedicated to providing interesting articles about best VPN providers, how to use, and VPN reviews. We have carefully written these articles with the important guides to choose the correct VPN. If you would like to know more about VPNs, if you do not have any idea about it, scroll down and read a short description about them.

What is VPN?

A VPN “virtual private network” provides a server so to rout all your internet activities through and surf web anonymously. VPN does not only hide your IP address, but also makes you using the Internet as you are coming from different places around the world and this is according to each VPN provider.
VPNs have various purposes, about a few years ago they are used to allow employees in companies working from home through them. Now, VPNs are very important service to hide user’s identity online, access the GFW “Great Firewall” in China, and today many of US citizens and people all over the world use them.

Some VPN’ services provide it for free, on the other hand it may cost $10 to $15 per month on average, and can go as low as $5 or less. You must take in consideration what each VPN service offers and what are guarantees you will have to keep your connection protected from tracking on.
In our VPN WASEL site, we do all of our best by doing the research to help you choosing the right VPN that satisfies your needs. So, we have prepared a fairly good articles about VPNs and all related things.

All the best for you with finding the most appropriate VPN, and do not hesitate to contact us or comment in the articles if you have any inquiries! team

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